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MS may terminate a member's account at any time in its sole and absolute discretion for any reason including, without limitation, upon the occurrence of any one of the following events:

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  4. Any violation of these Terms of Service.

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MS aims to publish data and content relating to various financial markets. You understand and agree that the opinions expressed in the Content are derived from sources generally believed to be reliable, but tMS is not liable for any errors, omissions, or incomplete or out of date information.

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MS aims to provide bet possible services with best available accuracy of data and related products at any time. With using our servies and website you agree to operate at your own risk. Further, you agree and understand that MS is not providing any investment advice related to its service, products, data and/or any linked financial products and services.


If you fail to comply with our Terms and Conditions we may take action as we consider appropriate, such as:

  • Suspending your account and access to our website
  • Blocking computers, IP address(es) and preventing you from accessing our service
  • Initiate appropriate court procedures against you where applicable


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